Intrinsical - Lani Woodland

segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

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My opinion about Intrinsical:

I love ghost stories. I love when they become characters from books, with their dark stories filled with drama that still prevent them from seeking the light.
And I loved Intrinsical.
Lani Woodland tells the story of Yara (which was almost brazilian) slowly and explaining details. Her power is manifested in the first few pages of the book and only the first scene that Yara has to face makes us want to devour the pages to see what will happen.
The characters are very interesting: Yara, with her origins full of mysticism and a traumatic past with the death of a loved one, and Brent, the guy that we do not know if it's good or bad. In certain moments his character leaves us in doubt with some actions that he takes, and I must confess that I love this kind of character.
The book is teen, with college scenes, jokes between colleagues, parties and small talk, and as I said earlier, I am a little tired of it, but it doesn´t bother the reading.

Editora e nova capa!

segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

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Pois é... "Oh my God, we´re back again!!"

Depois de algum tempo sem notícias, eu volto com a melhor de todas! Meu livro vai ser lançado.

Sim, e dessa vez por uma editora real - a Literata!

Para comemorar a notícia, segue a capa nova, linda, maravilhosa, especial, feita pelo André Siqueira da Era Eclipse!


De acordo com a editora, Jardim de Escuridão ficará pronto para Agosto, portanto, aguardem as novidades... vocês ficarão a par de todos os detalhes!!!

Taken by the others - Jess Haines

quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

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A História: Shiarra Waynest is a P.I. and her job is to deal with the Others. The Others are vampires, werewolves, wizards... every supernatural creature that can walk among simple mortals and suck (literally) their lives.
But still, she dates a werewolf and is bounded to a vampire, making him free to bite and turn her into an immortal whenever he desires. Yes, in Shiara´s world, that´s how things work.
However, she´s never satisfied with little confusion. This time she irritated Max Carlyle, a powerful vampire. She killed one of his progenies. And, besides that, White Hats, a group that is specialized in hunting vampires, wants her as a member of the faction.
Will Shiarra survive until dawn?

Minha Opinião: You must have seen Hunted by the Others´ review, the first adventure H&W Investigations series. If not, click HERE.
I liked the first book very much and it was nice to see my old friends again.
Taken by the others is slower than Hunted. But this is not a problem to the story, on the contrary, we gain more time to absorve the facts and the personality of the new characters.
And I have to say, Jess Haines is an expert in creating excellent characters. The story´s love triangle is amazing ´cause we end up falling in love with both Chaz and Alec. Chaz is the werewolf that conquered me in the first book and Alec is the vampire that came softly, between good and evil and stole the show in this second one, becoming my favorite.
There´s a touch of humor that I usually don´t like, but Jess knows how to be funny without exaggerations, just creating a contrast with the dark climate of the Underworld that is this book´s scenario. Shiarra is ironic and fun, brave but fragile sometimes, and in my opinion, these features transform her in a perfect heroin.
Now I have Deceived by the Others to read and I bet I´ll have great time with this.

Quantas estrelas: ****

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The Poison Diaries - Maryrose Wood (feat. Jane Northumberland)

segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

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The Story: Though only 16 years old, Jessamine is a very solitary girl. Living with her father, an apothecary obsessed with his plans, she enjoys taking care of their little Belladonna seedlings and wondering what wonderful (and venomous) plants are hidden in her father's garden that is locked and she cannot enter.
But Jessamine´s loneliness has an end when Thomas, her father, receives the presence of a very cruel man in his house and he introduces them a boy who mysteriously knew a lot of plants .
For Thomas, the wisdom of Weed, the boy, was too valuable and he adopts him in order to get more knowledge to cure people of the city.
But Weed´s knowledge was actually a an extraordinary power he only reveals to Jessamine, with whom he starts with a beautiful and intense romance.
So young and innocent, they would never imagine that love could be as poisonous as the plants of the secret garden.

My Opinion: The Poison Diaries, in my opinion, should not be characterized as a YA book. In fact, he's a real fairy-tale.
It is not easy to appreciate the beauty of this book because it is not simple. It's extremely original, uncomfortable (in the good meaning of the word), romantic and cruel. It´s a reading I´ll never forget.
Tasting as a classic, he advances slowly, beginning with an explanation, where we met Jessamine and are sesitized with her loneliness and her acceptance of the strange life that she lives. Although she longs to live away from that little cottage and see the world, she does not abandon her father and is content with whatever he tells her and bans.
But everything changes when Weed appears. Despite having his many secrets, he comes as a new hope for the girl, who conquers a friend. Of course this special affection begins to become love, and she is matched.
Unfortunately, if I speak here about the best and most genious part of the book, I'll be leaving a huge spoiler and it would be a shame. I can only say I was amazed and hipnotized from half the book ´till the end (not that the first part is bad, it´s wonderful), and that's exactly the point why it deserves the title of "fairy tale".
The end left me with open mouth because I did not expect what happened. There´s a hook for a sequel, and I just found out that there´s one, and his name is Nightshade. I want to reeeeead!
On the last page of the book there´s a reference to the Duchess of Northumberland, who really has a garden and a vast knowledge about poisons, and helped Maryrose to write this beautiful and gothic book.
I´m thankful to the gentle Maryrose Wood for sending me her book and for give me the opportunity to read this fascinating story.

How many stars: *****

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Montana Dawn - Caroline Fyffe

sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

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"Hush," he whispered, as he took her face in his hands and turned it to see into her eyes. "Don´t you know I don´t want this unless I can have what´s here?" He tapped softly on both of her temples. "And this, too." He leaned down and kissed the spot where her heart beat wildly in her chest. "It would mean nothing to me without the rest of you."

The Story: In 1883, on a stormy night, Luke McCutcheon met a woman about to give birth, with only the help of a nine year-old boy.
Having such a good heart, Luke saw no other alternative but to help Faith, and together they brought the little baby to the world, at the first rays of dawn.
Feeling somewhat responsible for those lives, he decided to help the woman and her kids in their journey to a nearby town.
What he did not know was that Faith was hiding some secrets of her tumultuous past, which could harm the relationship that arose between them.

Minha Opinião: Montana Dawn could be just a novel written by a writer with experienced hands and a sensitive heart. It could be another story where the man falls for woman and they suffer to stay together. But no. Montana Dawn is a book with all of this and more. It is an unforgettable story.
Maybe it's the rich detail and the characters so interesting and almost alive that makes it so wonderful. I do not know! All I can say that I loved, loved, loved it!
Sometimes I couldn´t understand Faith. I know she suffered the bread like hell, but Luke was confident from the beginning, and there was no reason to shirk it and don´t reveal her secrets, but she insisted on the error.
I loved Luke´s familu and despite being a little devil, I really liked Colton, the son "adopted" by Faith. So protective and with so many bad things to remember.
If I wast a fan of Westerns, I'm beginning to change my minds. Lovely scenarios, intense stories and beautiful passions... what else do I want?

How many stars: ****

Soundtrack: Don´t by Shania Twain

Jessica´s guide to dating on the dark side - Beth Fantaskey

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

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Story: What would you do if in your senior year, a sexy, gentle and a little eccentric guy appears in your life, saying that he´s your long lost fiancè? And there´s more... he affirms that you are both vampires. And from royalty.
All of this happens in Jessica´s life. And this is only the begining.
If Jessica doesn´t accept her destiny, a war between the two most powerful vampire families will begin, and this will affect humans too. And this is a very hard choice to a seventeen year-old girl that only wants to love, graduate and be accepted. Will she make her mind?

My Opinion: When I started reading Jessica´s guide to dating on the dark side, I thought it was only a comedy book, ´cause a lot os people told me that it was very funny. But I was completely mistaken. It really is a very fun story, but we can find much more than humor on it. There´s a beautiful romance, drama and cruelty in some parts.
About each gender found in the book:
Humor: I laughed a lot with Lucius letters for his uncle. The way he starts "americanizing" himself and tries to explain his new life to Vasile (that´s very mean) is unmissable. Definitely brilliant!
Romance: Lucius is not only funny. He´s captivating! So gentle, so protective... the typical "prince charming" (vampire prince, but no problem with that!). Sometimes I wanted to kill Jessica. How could she reject him so many times? And I loved the way he did the same to her!
Drama: Lucius´ relationship with his family and with Jessica´s is very interesting. He wasn´t raised with love. He was raised to be a king, a warrior. He has scars on his soul and in his body. Besides this, he gest facinated with the "american way of life", so simple. Teenagers can do whatever they want. It makes him want to live each minute as his last.
"But Bia, you just speak about Lucius!!!" Yes! Because he is one of the best male characters I´ve seen, so interesting and free from cliches.
There´s a darker part almost in the end of the book, that´s great, but I won´t talk about it ´cause it would be a biiiig spoiler, so, I will leave you curious enough to buy and read this wonderful book, full of rich characters and an unforgettable story.
Thank U Beth, for sending me your book. I loved it!

How many stars: *****

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Taken by Storm - Angela Morrison

quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

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The Story: Leesie is that kind of girl which is worth marrying. She dreams with her charming prince - a perfect boy that will be her partner, that will understand and love her. She has principles, write poetry, is religious and boys desire her at school (but this is one thing that she doesn´t care about.)
Michael used to be a conqueror and a promissing diver, until his parents tragically died in an accident where the boat where they were, was hit by Isadore - a hurricane, and to make everything worse, he was the only survivor, what changes completely his way to see life. He doesn´t want to know about dating, school, or even smile.
Michael and Leesie end up getting to know each other. She is touched by his and he accepts the comfort she offers and they become friends.
They fall in love, despite all the rules of Leesie´s Mormon religion and Michael´s pain. And besides all of this, they have to learn to live with their own problems and with that special love that was given by destiny.

Minha Opinião: Touching. I guess that´s the perfect word to define this sweet and peculiar story, created by Angela.
It´s not news to anyone that I´ve become a fan of Angela without even start reading her books. I considered her an amazing person because of her answers for the interview I made with her for this blog. And because of that, I felt an even greater responsability to read and review her book. I thought: "What if I don´t like it?". So, I started to read it, ready for a storm, but after a few pages, I was absorbed by a delicious breeze and by all the graciousness of Michael and Leesie´s romance.
The book is written in a very original way, combining entries in Michael´s dive log (adapted to a common diary) and Leesie´s poetry and her virtual chat with a friend. This made the reading very entertaining, but also made me confused sometimes with so many expressions, abbreviations and acronyms. My English was not enough so far, hehe.
It´s beautiful to see how Leesie´s love slowly heals Michael´s wounds, and I liked the way he adapts her religion´s heavy rules to their relationship.
I´m very grateful to Angela for the amazing book she sent to me. And just as in the message she left to me in her autograph, "I was completely swept away".

How many stars: ****

Soudtrack: Stigmatized do The Calling