Taken by Storm - Angela Morrison

quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

The Story: Leesie is that kind of girl which is worth marrying. She dreams with her charming prince - a perfect boy that will be her partner, that will understand and love her. She has principles, write poetry, is religious and boys desire her at school (but this is one thing that she doesn´t care about.)
Michael used to be a conqueror and a promissing diver, until his parents tragically died in an accident where the boat where they were, was hit by Isadore - a hurricane, and to make everything worse, he was the only survivor, what changes completely his way to see life. He doesn´t want to know about dating, school, or even smile.
Michael and Leesie end up getting to know each other. She is touched by his and he accepts the comfort she offers and they become friends.
They fall in love, despite all the rules of Leesie´s Mormon religion and Michael´s pain. And besides all of this, they have to learn to live with their own problems and with that special love that was given by destiny.

Minha Opinião: Touching. I guess that´s the perfect word to define this sweet and peculiar story, created by Angela.
It´s not news to anyone that I´ve become a fan of Angela without even start reading her books. I considered her an amazing person because of her answers for the interview I made with her for this blog. And because of that, I felt an even greater responsability to read and review her book. I thought: "What if I don´t like it?". So, I started to read it, ready for a storm, but after a few pages, I was absorbed by a delicious breeze and by all the graciousness of Michael and Leesie´s romance.
The book is written in a very original way, combining entries in Michael´s dive log (adapted to a common diary) and Leesie´s poetry and her virtual chat with a friend. This made the reading very entertaining, but also made me confused sometimes with so many expressions, abbreviations and acronyms. My English was not enough so far, hehe.
It´s beautiful to see how Leesie´s love slowly heals Michael´s wounds, and I liked the way he adapts her religion´s heavy rules to their relationship.
I´m very grateful to Angela for the amazing book she sent to me. And just as in the message she left to me in her autograph, "I was completely swept away".

How many stars: ****

Soudtrack: Stigmatized do The Calling

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Angela disse...

Beautiful, Bianca! Thank you!

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