Taken by the others - Jess Haines

quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

A História: Shiarra Waynest is a P.I. and her job is to deal with the Others. The Others are vampires, werewolves, wizards... every supernatural creature that can walk among simple mortals and suck (literally) their lives.
But still, she dates a werewolf and is bounded to a vampire, making him free to bite and turn her into an immortal whenever he desires. Yes, in Shiara´s world, that´s how things work.
However, she´s never satisfied with little confusion. This time she irritated Max Carlyle, a powerful vampire. She killed one of his progenies. And, besides that, White Hats, a group that is specialized in hunting vampires, wants her as a member of the faction.
Will Shiarra survive until dawn?

Minha Opinião: You must have seen Hunted by the Others´ review, the first adventure H&W Investigations series. If not, click HERE.
I liked the first book very much and it was nice to see my old friends again.
Taken by the others is slower than Hunted. But this is not a problem to the story, on the contrary, we gain more time to absorve the facts and the personality of the new characters.
And I have to say, Jess Haines is an expert in creating excellent characters. The story´s love triangle is amazing ´cause we end up falling in love with both Chaz and Alec. Chaz is the werewolf that conquered me in the first book and Alec is the vampire that came softly, between good and evil and stole the show in this second one, becoming my favorite.
There´s a touch of humor that I usually don´t like, but Jess knows how to be funny without exaggerations, just creating a contrast with the dark climate of the Underworld that is this book´s scenario. Shiarra is ironic and fun, brave but fragile sometimes, and in my opinion, these features transform her in a perfect heroin.
Now I have Deceived by the Others to read and I bet I´ll have great time with this.

Quantas estrelas: ****

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