Montana Dawn - Caroline Fyffe

sábado, 12 de fevereiro de 2011

"Hush," he whispered, as he took her face in his hands and turned it to see into her eyes. "Don´t you know I don´t want this unless I can have what´s here?" He tapped softly on both of her temples. "And this, too." He leaned down and kissed the spot where her heart beat wildly in her chest. "It would mean nothing to me without the rest of you."

The Story: In 1883, on a stormy night, Luke McCutcheon met a woman about to give birth, with only the help of a nine year-old boy.
Having such a good heart, Luke saw no other alternative but to help Faith, and together they brought the little baby to the world, at the first rays of dawn.
Feeling somewhat responsible for those lives, he decided to help the woman and her kids in their journey to a nearby town.
What he did not know was that Faith was hiding some secrets of her tumultuous past, which could harm the relationship that arose between them.

Minha Opinião: Montana Dawn could be just a novel written by a writer with experienced hands and a sensitive heart. It could be another story where the man falls for woman and they suffer to stay together. But no. Montana Dawn is a book with all of this and more. It is an unforgettable story.
Maybe it's the rich detail and the characters so interesting and almost alive that makes it so wonderful. I do not know! All I can say that I loved, loved, loved it!
Sometimes I couldn´t understand Faith. I know she suffered the bread like hell, but Luke was confident from the beginning, and there was no reason to shirk it and don´t reveal her secrets, but she insisted on the error.
I loved Luke´s familu and despite being a little devil, I really liked Colton, the son "adopted" by Faith. So protective and with so many bad things to remember.
If I wast a fan of Westerns, I'm beginning to change my minds. Lovely scenarios, intense stories and beautiful passions... what else do I want?

How many stars: ****

Soundtrack: Don´t by Shania Twain

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