Jessica´s guide to dating on the dark side - Beth Fantaskey

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

Story: What would you do if in your senior year, a sexy, gentle and a little eccentric guy appears in your life, saying that he´s your long lost fiancè? And there´s more... he affirms that you are both vampires. And from royalty.
All of this happens in Jessica´s life. And this is only the begining.
If Jessica doesn´t accept her destiny, a war between the two most powerful vampire families will begin, and this will affect humans too. And this is a very hard choice to a seventeen year-old girl that only wants to love, graduate and be accepted. Will she make her mind?

My Opinion: When I started reading Jessica´s guide to dating on the dark side, I thought it was only a comedy book, ´cause a lot os people told me that it was very funny. But I was completely mistaken. It really is a very fun story, but we can find much more than humor on it. There´s a beautiful romance, drama and cruelty in some parts.
About each gender found in the book:
Humor: I laughed a lot with Lucius letters for his uncle. The way he starts "americanizing" himself and tries to explain his new life to Vasile (that´s very mean) is unmissable. Definitely brilliant!
Romance: Lucius is not only funny. He´s captivating! So gentle, so protective... the typical "prince charming" (vampire prince, but no problem with that!). Sometimes I wanted to kill Jessica. How could she reject him so many times? And I loved the way he did the same to her!
Drama: Lucius´ relationship with his family and with Jessica´s is very interesting. He wasn´t raised with love. He was raised to be a king, a warrior. He has scars on his soul and in his body. Besides this, he gest facinated with the "american way of life", so simple. Teenagers can do whatever they want. It makes him want to live each minute as his last.
"But Bia, you just speak about Lucius!!!" Yes! Because he is one of the best male characters I´ve seen, so interesting and free from cliches.
There´s a darker part almost in the end of the book, that´s great, but I won´t talk about it ´cause it would be a biiiig spoiler, so, I will leave you curious enough to buy and read this wonderful book, full of rich characters and an unforgettable story.
Thank U Beth, for sending me your book. I loved it!

How many stars: *****

Sondtrack? Him´s version to Wicked Game.

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