Intrinsical - Lani Woodland

segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

My opinion about Intrinsical:

I love ghost stories. I love when they become characters from books, with their dark stories filled with drama that still prevent them from seeking the light.
And I loved Intrinsical.
Lani Woodland tells the story of Yara (which was almost brazilian) slowly and explaining details. Her power is manifested in the first few pages of the book and only the first scene that Yara has to face makes us want to devour the pages to see what will happen.
The characters are very interesting: Yara, with her origins full of mysticism and a traumatic past with the death of a loved one, and Brent, the guy that we do not know if it's good or bad. In certain moments his character leaves us in doubt with some actions that he takes, and I must confess that I love this kind of character.
The book is teen, with college scenes, jokes between colleagues, parties and small talk, and as I said earlier, I am a little tired of it, but it doesn´t bother the reading.

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Lani Woodland disse...

Thank you for the wonderful review. :)

Andressa Tomaz disse...

Realmente tem muitos livros do gênero por ai, então cansa um pouco ler sobre. Mas é sempre bom também pra descontrair!
Estou seguindo o blog também, obrigada pela visita!

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