True Vision - Joyce Lamb

quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

"He thought he´d feel some guilt. He´d just killed a woman. But it was a woman who deserved to die. Just like the other one. They´s both known, and he couldn´t have them, anyone, knowing. Couldn´t let the secret out. It would destroy them, and they´d worked too hard for too long to sit back and let the destruction begin.
No, the secret to success was destroying the enemies before they could destroy you."

The Suspense: She was just a journalist full of idealisms, living in a small town, where everything that was published in its principal newspaper was controlled by its advertisers, what prevented her to publish many things. But she made the mistake to provoke one of the most powerful man of Lake Avalon.
It would be enough for her to make some enemies. But everything went worst when she witnessed a hit and run and the victim gave to her, with only one touch, her psychic powers.
Now Charlie can touch a person and see something from its past. Besides this, she can feel exactly everything the person felt in this moment. And this is not a good thing.
And someone decides that Charlie is dangerous for its plans. Someone that doesn´t want her to discover a fatal secret in one of her visions.

The Romance: Noah Lassiter is a detective from Chicago, that arrives in Lake Avalon to investigate the death of her friend. Yes, the same woman that transferred her powers to Charlie and the one that had a strong conexion with her. He knew that the hit and run was a murder and he decided to find the killer. He didn´t expected to fall so hard for Charlie and to live a torrid romance with her, full of surprises.

Minha Opinião: Everyone that read my blog knows that Romantic Suspense is my favourite kind of book. But I´ve read so many things with this theme, that the books end up being too similar and with no surprises. It didn´t happend with True Vision! Definitely!
I loved every page and the reading was very pleasant. I´m surrendering myself more and more to paranormal romances and Joyce Lamb´s story came in a good time, which I´m avid for these things.
I felt a deep agony for Charlie. She received a gift as a "heritage" from the lady that died and wasn´t prepared at all for what would happend next. Each time that she touched a person, she entered in a memory and phisicaly felt the pains and emotions of this remembrance. And this was true for good and bad things. I cannot forget to mention the hottest scenes between her and Noah, where she could feel the same as him (If you know what I mean ;)).
I felt sorry for her, when she became exhausted after so many visions, but I got envy too, ´cause devoted Noah was always there, to help in her difficult moments. Their dialogs are great and I fell in love with their romance. And the suspense is very good too.
I really recomend!

How many stars: *****

Tem uma trilha sonora? Yes! I found the perfect one - No need to explain by Lacuna Coil.

"Take and hold this hand what you feel inside?
Is another dream, won´t you give me a part."

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