The Fame Factor - Polly Courtney

quarta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2010

"Offstage, she had an ordinary existence, but on stage, she became extraordinary. It no longer mattered who was listening. It didn´t even matter if nobody was listening. She was surrounded by and absorbed in the music, feeling more alive than she could ever feel in the day."

The Story: They were "Dirty Money". Four young, talented and beautiful girls making music - a different kind of rock, without stereotypes, with no definitions. Besides having an enviable chemistry on stage, they were really close friends.
Zoe Kidd was their front woman. While she was dreaming on being a rock star, she was dealing with a boring job and with a family that didn´t accept her double life and didn´t comprehend her dream of having success in an uncertain carreer as music.
Everything changes when a really good musical producer comes into their lives and gives Zoe some difficult alternatives that can change her life completely.
Is fame that important? Even more important than family, friendship, love and happiness?

My Opinion: Do you wanna know one thing, guys? While I was reading the first pages of The fame factor, I was familiarizing myself with the happenings in Dirty Money´s lives. I used to have a band and I made some of these things mentioned in the book. I´ve spent hours adding friends to our myspace, I lost days at school to go to essays, I composed songs with my best friend and I´m sure that read it all gave me a sense of a good nostalgia.
But more than that, Polly´s book, besides being really amazing to read is a life lesson that tells us that we can wish for everything, to think that we have it all and when we look around and see a crowd surrounding us, in fact we are more alone than never. Deep inside we have nothing that really matters.
I confess that I would never make some choices that did Zoe. She is a great character and I felt angry with her and for her. I wanted to enter inside the book and make her realize the mess she was making, But that´s exactly when I know the book is pleasing me.
I recomend it! It´s a trip through the sordid world of showbiz, drugs, friendship and about learning what´s really worthy.
Oh, and I can´t forget to say that Polly Courtney is very lovely!

How many stars: ****

Soundtrack: In my way home from work, I found the perfect song for this It´s my life by Bon Jovi. I decided for this version, ´cause it´s more melancholic.

"I ain´t gonna be just a face in the crowd
You´re gonna hear my voice when I shout it aloud"

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