Almost to die for - Tate Hallaway

sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

"The vampires.
Nikolai put a finger to his lips. "Don´t say their name, especially that one. Their hearing is incredible.
I halted my insistent march toward the road. "You sound like you know things about them."
"Are you kidding? My people have been hunters for centuries."
"Vampire hunters? You mean like Buffy?"

The Story: Being a teenager is not that easy. Specially when you´re not much popular at school and you´re not the prettiest. Just to make the situation worse, you´re the daughter of a witch, but you don´t know how to make any spell to scare your idiot colleagues from school. Oh! And I almost forgot... still there´s the fact that you have different eyes. One is blue and the other is brown!
Is this disgrace enough? I haven´t even started telling the worst about Ana´s story.
On her sixteenth birthday, she simply discovers that besides being the daughter of a witch, her father is the Prince of the Vampires, in other words, she´s a dhampir, half human and half vampire. And witches and vampires are enemies and the war between them is just starting.

O Romance: But not everything in Ana´s life is tragedy, my friends! As she finds out that she´s a dhampir, she starts to be disputed by two different boys - Nikolai, a male witch, that comes from a legendary family of vampire hunters, and Elias, the capitain of the knights that protect the prince and becomes a kind of a "bodyguard" of hers.
They both touch Ana´s heart in different ways. But what will happen if she has to chose between the two lives? Will it influence in her relations with Nikolai and Elias?

Minha Opinião: Join vampires, witches (two themes that I really love), two irresistible and good doses of humor. There´s no way to go wrong! "Almost to die for" is a successful union of great ingredients.
It´s easy to like Ana, that shy girl, with a weird family, that tries to fit in some group at school. She´s not ugly, but she´s screwed by the popular guys and she just wants to be normal.
Besides all that, on her birthday she will participate of her Initiation as a "True Witch", but she knows it will be a complete disaster because she can´t do magic and this is making her very nervous. There´s a lot of pressure over her. And exactly in that day, Ana discovers that she´s a Vampire Princess. Isn´t that a lot for a sixteen years old teenager´s mind? Yes, it it... but we´re lucky ´cause Tate Hallaway tells this story wonderfully and Ana seems to deal pretty well with all these things. The book is still a little dark but it´s light, what I really liked.
And I have to confess that I didn´t want to be in Ana´s shoes. Nikolai and Elias are wonderful! And would never know how to pick only one. Nik is that handsome boy from school, super-cool, that sings in a band, besides this is cute and gentle, that would even be able to go against family tradition and not hunt the Vampire Princess. Elias is the sexy guy, that would give his life to protect her... and he conquered me every time he called Ana: "My Lady" ou "Your Highness". What a hard life, isn´t it?
I loved it! One more book to the list of the great YA books that I´ve been reading.

Quantas estrelas: ****

Tem uma trilha sonora: It was hard to find the perfect song, but I chose For the heart I once had by Nightwish, ´cause it talks about a heart that has changed, becoming darker.

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