Hunted by the others - Jess Haines

quinta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2010

The Story: Shiarra Waynest is a private investigator in a city where humans live relatively well with the "Others" - vampires, werewolves, mages and other creatures with supernatural powers that appear long the way.

In this city, the "Others" conquered their rights, but in return they cannot cause any harm to anybody (for exemple, a vampire can´t bite a human unless theu both sign a contract allowing that.) Humans and Others can even get married and have kids.

Shiarra is in the middle of this confusion and although she doesn´t want get envolved with their issues, money speaks louder and she is hired by a female mage to find a powerful artifact that fell into the hands of a seductive and manipulative vampirem that puts her in a dangerous situation.

But Shia is not alone in this adventure. She counts on Sara, her human friend, Arnold, a nerd mage and Chaz, her handsome ex-boyfriend.

Will she be able to save her own life?

Minha Opinião: The girl, the vampire and the werewolf. Does it sound familiar? It may be, but I´m sure you´ve never read a story like this.

In Hunted by the others, the girl is brave, smart and even a little bold. The vampire is not so nice and the werewolf... he is another story. I promise I´ll mention him again in another paragraph *-*.

Jess Haines created a whole new world, full of fantastic creatures, where everything can happen... but somehow you start to believe in the things she write. You even start to ask yourself: "What if one of my friends is a vampire or a mage?" Who knows...

I really liked Shiarra, with her very human soul among so utopic beings. She cries, feels fear and asks for help when she needs it. But I also hated her reluctance in accepting Chaz back (the handsome werewolf). I´m in love with him and I beg the author: "Please Jess... I want more of Chaz in the next book!!!"

How many stars? ****

Soundtrack: It was not so easy! The book, despite of being a little dark is very funny too. So I chose Poison by Tarja Turunen that has both features.

You can buy it at Livraria da Cultura HERE

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