Jane - April Lindner

sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

The Story: Jane Moore´s life is not so easy. She has always been family´s ugly duck, has recently lost her parents and doesn´t have any money, what made her leave college, where she was studying.
Without any other option, she got a job as a nanny at Thornfield Park, mansion of Nico Rathbury, a rock-star, typical bad boy, father of a little and lovely daughter, that doesn´t receive much of his attention.
Nico knows many futile women, only interested in his money and fame, and because of this he gets facinated for strong and at the same time sweet Jane´s personality and tries to keep her close, turning her into a close friend. Inevitably, they end up falling in love, but Nico has his secrets, and some of them may destroy his romance with Jane for forever.

My Opinion: I wrote a completely different review for this book, but I decided to download BBC´s mini-series Jane Eyre and I changed this text. Deservedly.
First of all, I have to affirm that April Lindner is very brave. For those who doesn´t know "Jane" is a retelling of Jane Eyre, that I´m ashamed to say that I´ve never read. But I had an idea of how big and wonderful Charlotte Bronte´s book is (by the way, what great sisters they were) and of April Lindner´s intteligence.
"Jane" is amazing! She got the most important scenes from the original story (as I could watch in the series) and turned them into a modern book, but tasting as a classic. A new masterpiece, a new story of a timeless tale.
There are some differences between both books. First of all, Jane happens in actual days and the male character is a musician. The girl that Jane babysits is Nico´s daughter, he´s not her tutor and there´s the press and the band. But we have the same essence, the gothic atmosphere is present and we recognize the same Jane, so strong, with her honest opinions, the Jane that changes, that blooms when falls in love. Well, I have to stop here so as not to tell the whole story.
This is a story that I´ll always remember, unforgettable. And I want to thank the author for giving me the oportunity to read her wonderful book, by sending me its ARC.

How many stars? *****

Soundtrack: Although I know it´s not the perfect melody, everytime I had Jane in my hands, I started to sing: Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin - and as Nico was a rock star, it´s worthy!!!

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