Daughters of the Witching Hill - Mary Sharratt

quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

"So there we were, two women living in a tower, without father, husband, brother or son to rein us in. Daughters of the witching hill, we turned to magic. Consorted with imps and spirits. We came into our powers, and they grew and grew till folk could not ignore the glimmer in Liza´s wayward eyes, the fire that burned inside us both. The magic that ran in our blood."

The Story: "Daughters of the witching hill" tells the story of women of a same family: Bess, Liza and Alizon. Grandmother, mother and granddaughter, that inevitably end up being introduced into the world of magic.
Everything starts when Bess receives the presence of a spirit. A young and handsome lad that starts her in her journey as a "charmer". She can heal, remove curses from things and people and even foresee the future. She can do all of this with the intervention of Tibb, that´s like a guide for her and sometimes, he´s like a supernatural lover.
As time passes by, she finds her own gift within her daughter and later in her granddaughter and even in her best friend, and that´s exactly when everything goes wrong.
Liza is a woman full of her own problems and uses the magic to gain the respect and admiration from folks, things that were never conquered with her looks. Alizon just wants to be a normal girl like her friends, but being a part of that "special" family, it would never be allowed to her. For last, Anne - Bess´ old friend, that had a bad taste for black magic.
But that´s when Alizon makes a terrible mistake, that causes a hysterical witch hunt and their lives starts to be in danger...

My Opinion: First of all, I have to talk about my reaction when I received this book in my hands. I swear... the guy from UPS surely thought I was crazy. I was sooooo happy, that I almost started jumping for joy here in my office. It was the first international book that I received to make a review here in the blog and I swear guys... I never thought I would get so far. This moment is very special, although some people might think that this is just a bullshit.
Besides this, its cover is SO amazing that I had an enormous care with it. I didn´t want to knead it not even a bit. It´s a hardcover and the paper that involves the book is a bright gold... it´s really a beautiful thing.
But, let´s talk about the story, that´s the reason why I´m here.
As I said in another entrance in this blog, I LOVE stories about witches. I love the way how woman is shown as an important human being, with her values, and owner of a sensibility that men will never have. Specially in the times of Inquisition, where men were treated like superiors and women treated just like wife and mother. But Daughters of the witching hill is in another level of this kind of book. It´s not just a entertaining story that you finish reading, close the book and keep it in a bookcase... it´s much more than that.
This story can be classified as a slow dance, that slowly seduces us with its beauty. It´s a complex book, but at the same time it´s not hard to get to the end ´cause there´s no way to stop reading.
It´s an unforgettable tale about survivor, faith, about the strenght of women that learn to live alone, dealing with poorness, dificulties and with a power that has been imposed to them, that was their salvation but also their disgrace.
If any Hollywood Studio bought the rights of this story, it would became one of those epic movies with pretty landscapes, just like The Crucible or The Last of the Mohicans. It would be a classic one, for sure! And I would have to use many Kleenex to dry my tears...

How many stars: *****

The Soundtrack: I didn´t have to think much: Intrinsic by After Forever.

"Find the missing parts of the mind
The hidden truth behing
Our dungeon of thoughts, this labyrinth"

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